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Amber Passey, owner of Because Babies Grow Up.Thanks for joining me today on our quest to bring out the creativity in our little ones. You can find arts & crafts, music and activities, or books and literacy activities.

Thanksgiving Poems, Books, and a Craft

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I love taking the month of November to enjoy fall, family, and food. We're so lucky this year to be close enough to a few of Brent's siblings that we are able to all get together for Thanksgiving. Since our kids will have a cousin and some other friends to play with, I thought I'd organize a little activity to help them get in the mood for their turkey dinner. I've collected some Thanksgiving poems as well as a couple books and a craft to keep them busy … [Continue reading...]

Bedtime Poems

10 Bedtime Poems from Mother Goose Treasury

It's the end of a busy day full of playing and yet, your little one seems more wound up and full of energy than should be possible. The crazy activity of little ones at bedtime is mind boggling. I call it tired energy! It seems that when little ones get tired, they are less able to regulate their behaviors and control their impulses. As their tiredness increases, their behavior seems to spiral out of control. I've heard countless stories of parents abandoning bedtime plans because their child … [Continue reading...]

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly

Read and Do: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Kids love exploring the impossible. As they develop their understanding of how the world works, they find humor in stories and songs that break the rules. Our three year old giggled endlessly the first time we read the book I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. With each new animal he sputtered out, "No! She can't" between fits of laughter. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, published by the Secret Mountain, has beautiful illustrations that captivated Scott from the beginning. This boy … [Continue reading...]

Road Trip Soundtrack to visit Hershey PA

Roadtrip Soundtrack to Hershey PA

We had lots and lots of hours in the car on our drive to Hershey, PA and then on to the Baltimore area for the wedding. Sometimes it's just so easy to throw a movie on and enjoy how quiet the kids are zoned in and all. But, really, I'd rather make memories with my kids while we're driving and seeing new things. We try to find a balance between movies and everything else. When we're not watching movies, though, we have an awesome collection of kindie music we enjoy. This trip he had several … [Continue reading...]

Animal Tales from Key Wilde and Mr Clarke

Animal Tales from Key Wilde and Mr Clarke

Released last month, Animal Tales has been a super hit with our clan. Key Wilde and Mr Clarke weave facts, storytelling and music into a beautiful listening experience. Animal Tales was part of our Road Trip Soundtrack to Hershey last month and we loved singing along to Bear Song and Alligator Get-Together. Today, Key Wilde and Mr Clarke are debuting a new music video from Animal Tales. Armando Armadillo is the story of a hardworking family man just trying to get home safely to his wife … [Continue reading...]