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Four Brilliant Ways Hershey Lodge Exceeded Our Expectations

On our way to my sister-in-laws wedding in Maryland, we decided to make an overnight pit stop in Hershey. We only had a few waking hours there and wanted to make the very most of our time in Hershey. I really wanted to just be surrounded by chocolate and Hershey culture so that our few hours were meaningful to us. To really get that feeling, I reached out to the Hershey Lodge for our night’s stay. Their media team was super fun and helpful to work with.*

4 Brilliant Ways Hershey Lodge Exceeded Our Expectations

After a long afternoon of driving, we finally arrived. The kids were too hungry to wait and had dinner on the road. Our first impression of Hershey Lodge was how stately it looked. The entrance way reminded me of our time in the south, with a veranda above the drive through and pillared archways. The check in staff were smiley and sweet, but the first way Hershey Lodge exceeded our expectations was with candy bars for everyone in our family. What a sweet way to end our drive!

Our Room at Hershey Lodge

While I busied myself with getting the kids ready for bed, Brent was in charge of figuring out dinner for us. We had waited because we checked out the menus of the three restaurants on site and were excited to try something yummy.  When he returned, the kids were still awake, but ready for lights out. We decided to have dinner in the hall outside our door and let the kids fall asleep. I called Brent’s phone then left it in the room with the speaker on. We put Brent’s phone on speaker and muted it. Within ten minutes even the baby was asleep. While we felt a bit silly, our dinner was so yummy we hardly noticed the people passing us as we sat on the floor devouring our lamb burger and walnut crusted smoked salmon croquettes. The lamb burger was number 1 on my wish list and Hershey Lodge delivered! Second time they exceeded out expectations.

Lamb burger at Hershey Lodge

As I was getting the girls tucked in and kissing them good night we had to stop and take a good look at the pillow cases. They were white with silky white Hershey kisses on them. I could almost smell the chocolate as I tucked myself in and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of all the chocolate adventures that awaited us. After a decent sleep (the boys woke about 4 am but settled back down fairly quickly) I noticed the other details in the room. I wanted to be surrounded by Hershey and truly, Hershey Lodge nailed it on the details in our room. From the cocoa scented hand soap to the Hershey Kisses on the wall paper and the cameos of Hershey and Reese’s candies in the the wall art.

Hershey Story Museum

Upon check in we received complimentary passes to visit the Hershey Story Museum and the Hershey Gardens. We only had time for one and chose the Hershey Story Museum. This was by far the most inspired I have ever felt visiting a museum. Receiving complimentary passes to more Hershey attractions as part of our reservation was a major selling point for us on staying at Hershey Lodge. The passes can be used one time within a week of your stay at the Lodge.

I’m definitely happy with our stay at Hershey Lodge and the memories we made while there. I had hoped for an infusion of Hershey and we got it! There was so much we didn’t have time to enjoy, like the swimming pool and the kids checkout. Definitely many reasons we would want to stay there next time we visit Hershey.

When staying at a resort, what features do you look for?

*We received a media rate for our room, which means we paid a discounted price to aid in our review of the resort and our stay. Photo credit for image of Hershey Lodge goes to Hershey Entertainment & Resorts.