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Amber Passey, owner of Because Babies Grow Up.Thanks for joining me today on our quest to bring out the creativity in our little ones. You can find arts & crafts, music and activities, or books and literacy activities.
Hershey Chocolate World

All About Hershey Chocolate World

After our visit to the Hershey Story Museum, we headed down Chocolate Ave to Hershey Chocolate World. We took a winding road under a railroad and then saw Hershey Park pop up before us. The kids were so sad we weren't staying late enough to visit the park. I kinda felt the same way. But then we found Hershey Chocolate World and were excited again for what we were going to be able to do before we continued on to the wedding festivities. I'm glad we went on a Friday morning. It was as busy as … [Continue reading...]

Hershey Lodge by day

Four Brilliant Ways Hershey Lodge Exceeded Our Expectations

On our way to my sister-in-laws wedding in Maryland, we decided to make an overnight pit stop in Hershey. We only had a few waking hours there and wanted to make the very most of our time in Hershey. I really wanted to just be surrounded by chocolate and Hershey culture so that our few hours were meaningful to us. To really get that feeling, I reached out to the Hershey Lodge for our night's stay. Their media team was super fun and helpful to work with.* After a long afternoon of driving, we … [Continue reading...]

What is Milton Hershey's secret? Think big and cultivate creativity in your work culture

My Unexpected Inspiration: Milton Hershey

In a time long ago and a place not too far from our home lived a man who finally made it. Years of failed ventures and experience gained finally converged with a product idea that put a rural community in Pennsylvania on the national and international map. Armed with a fourth grade education, Milton Hershey learned candy making during a four year apprenticeship in Lancaster, PA. At age 19 he moved to Philadelphia  to open his first company, which went bankrupt in 6 years. After traveling and … [Continue reading...]

A Simple Secret to a Healthy Mouth and a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Thank goodness for Brent and his two stints wearing braces. As a result, he's hyper intense about oral hygiene. If it wasn't for his passion, I would have easily let slide brushing our kids' teeth twice a day. But knowing he'd ask if Sammi had brushed her teeth helped make teeth brushing a priority for me. As a kid I had fillings in each of my molars. I remember the shock I felt when I lost my first molar. It hadn't occurred to me that I would lose them even though I'd lost my front teeth. As … [Continue reading...]


To My Sweet Sammi

Dear Sammi, You are only eight, but today I wish you had a cell phone. This has been a hard week of getting out the door and off to school. We've been later and slower than usual. The added stress of rushing has left us both a little frazzled, and it's left me a bit grumpy. You are so full of life! You have so much joy in waking up to a new day. You are excited to rush off to school, to friends, to learning, to your teacher. Part of me aches that you are gone so much of the day. You are … [Continue reading...]