You’re Happier When You’re Happy from Boxtop Jenkins

BoxtopJenkinsReview1We are excited to start the year with some great music from new-to-us musicians. We received Boxtop Jenkins latest album called You’re Happier When You’re Happy at the end of our stay in Utah. We first listened to this album when we were driving across the country with our four children. To survive the drive the kids had been watching movies. One morning I convinced them to give Boxtop Jenkins a try before we turned on a movie. The whole family loved it so much we listened to it twice and repeated a few of our fast favorites.


{Check out this month’s issue of Growing Up to see which songs are our favorites and to learn more about You’re Happier When You’re Happy.}

You can give the album a preview listen on Amazon or iTunes. You can also listen to Boxtop Jenkins’ songs on Soundcloud. Boxtop is also active on Facebook so you can stay current with projects, concerts and fun tidbits from his life and music.


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