Laura Doherty’s New Album In A Heartbeat

We’re excited to share with you Laura Doherty’s third album, In A Heartbeat. Laura is a Chicago-based kids’ musician from New York. She drew from both cities in creating this album which features the drumming genius of Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche. Laura has a captivating style both in her vocals and melodies. This album is geared toward the 0-6 crowd and our little ones in that range have definitely engaged the most with this music. However, even Sammi at 7 ½ hums the melodies or sings bits of verses here and there.

{Check out this month’s issue of Growing Up to see which songs are our favorites and to learn more about In A Heartbeat. You can give the album a preview listen on iTunes. You can also listen to Laura Doherty’s songs on Soundcloud or watch her videos on YouTube. Laura is also active on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay current with projects, concerts and fun tidbits from her life and music.}


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