Hot Off the Press: Growing Up Magazine’s January Issue

This month is all about Pretend Play. Dramatic play has many benefits for young children. The opportunity to create stories, to relive familiar scenarios, to work out relationships and emotions all help young children process their world and find their place in it. Sarah of Stay At Home Educator outlines the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional benefits of pretend play in the featured article in this month’s issue of Growing Up magazine, available on Apple’s Newsstand.

In quoting a description of pretend play, Katy of Non-Toxic Kids says that the play should have no clear goal. Then she adds her own comment, “Which is why my oldest plays with virtually no toy in the way it was designed to be played with. And this is good!” I needed to hear this encouragement to allow our children to use mega blocks as seeds they plant all over the house (yet never harvest!)

Jan14promoThis issue also includes over 70 ideas for setting up pretend play opportunities for little ones; must-have list of supplies for initiating pretend play; tutorial for making your own cape to add to a dress-up box; and suggestions for further reading about pretend play. I also explore the different styles of pretend play.

In addition to oodles of info and encouragement on pretend play, Growing Up‘s January issue also includes reviews of new music and kid friendly apps your whole family will love. This month’s musicians include Boxtop Jenkins with a review of his latest album You’re Happier When You’re Happy and Laura Doherty and her soon-to-be released album In a Heartbeat.

A big thank you to our contributors, musicians and developers that brought great content to January’s issue of Growing Up magazine.


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