Twelve Dancing Princesses and a Craft

Today we are excited to link up to A Mommy’s Adventures A Story + Art, a great stART. It’s one of my favorite memes and I’m excited to get involved. We’ve had the Twelve Dancing Princesses checked out from the library for several weeks and have loved it. I have loved it every bit as much as the girls.

I love the imagery and the illustrations (our version is illustrated by Adrienne Adams). The princesses walk through three different forests to get to the castle where they dance. Each forest is described in a different way: one has leaves with silver drops, one has leaves sprinkled with gold and the final has leaved that sparkle with diamonds.

We started by making leaves from each of the different forests. I drew three different leaf shapes on water color paper. Then I had Sammi (5) watercolor the leaves. Since we’re working on color mixing and tertiary colors she used green, blue-green and yellow-green. After the leaves were dry we cut them out and decorated them with glitter and clear jewels (for diamonds). We were then inspired by this picture:

And put our leaves into a bouquet. This time we painted the water color paper first, then doodled different flowers on the dried paper. Then we cut them out. We put the branches with the leaves down first then layered the flowers over the top. I was just as invested in the creative process of this project as the girls and did way more than I usually do. But it was hard to resist the temptation to make a bouquet on a 12″x17″ sized paper.

I’m not great at taking pictures during the process. But it took us three or four days to do all the parts and finally get it put together. Check out other great books and art projects here or learn more about stART here.


  1. Sheila says

    Those kids like this kind of story..Looking forward to buy this kind of book I am going to give oit to my little sister..

  2. says

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