Coloring Rice for Play

We had such a blast with our Spring sensory tub that I wanted to try a rice-based tub with Spring-colored rice. I used vinegar and food coloring following directions found here.

I love the colors. They are so vibrant and looked great next to each other. I was too impatient to wait for the orange to dry so I gave the tub to Elli with just the green, purple and pink.

She immediately mixed them. She then proceeded to play with just the rice for about 10 minutes. Such fun!

Elli helped me make the rice by pouring the vinegar into the jar, helping me squeeze the food coloring in, and shaking the jar one the lid was on tight. She loved being a part of the process. I was worried she would be more destructive than helpful, but she’s really figuring out the fun of following directions.

What have your little ones been playing with this Spring?



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